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Welcome HD
We are pleased to introduce our company "DECIMA Automation Systems" and our production line and our services.
Combined with a decade of experience in manufacturing, both end products and machines, we have now delved into machine manufacturing. During the last 2-3 years we have manufactured special purpose machines,catering to the polymer industry with focus on Polybag makers. Having achieved a good success rate and with a growing list of customers, our energy is now focussed to provide our customers value for money.Our team of young engineering professionals, with a craving for innovation will provide ideally suited solutions,to enhance productivity and economical cost.
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For all FIBC, webbing is the very important part which will be stitched to the bags for handling purpose which requires higher strength and rigidity.
These machines are high-speed machines, which will be running at 750 950 rpm to get higher out put. Machine is provided with automatic weft stopping arrangement, and is provided with heavy duty break unit, when ever weft cuts or closes m/C will stop immediately so further movement will be
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Usually all FIBC requires printing because Many companies require their logo or company name to be printed on their bags. We offer printing machines up to 4 colors. The required logo and/or text are processed on a printing stereo made from rubber or polyureane, which is fixed to the steel
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Our Products
Auto FIBC Cleaning Machine
Air is pre filtered and is blown through the bag so that all dust and foreign particles settled in the bag
Strenght Checking Machine
This M/C will be having the high-resolution microprocessor controller and load cell.
Auto Handle Wrapping Machine
This machine is used to wrap a fabric (max. 30cm width) around one or both handles of the 1-2 loop
FIBC Hydraulic Pallet & Bale Press
Our hydraulic palletizing press is specially designed for packingon the pallets as well as in
Auto FIBC Fabric Cutting Machine
Once you set the desired cut length the operation runs automatically till it reaches the programmed
FIBC Fiexo Graphic Printing Machine
Usually all FIBC requires printing because many companies require their logo or company name to
Manual Spout Cutting Machine
Hole of different sizes can be cut in the fabric by the spout dies, which is changeable.
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